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The following are unsolicited comments about Purebred Pigeon.

I thoroughly enjoy your magazine and you are providing an invaluable service to pigeon fanciers worldwide. Thank you. – Jerry Gallagher, Buffalo, New York

Very good magazine, enjoy reading every issue. You can always learn something new no matter what breed you raise. – Tony Cabral, Ontario, Canada

My Classified Ad in your magazine has allowed me to sell birds throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Middle East. Thanks! – Tomas Takas, New York

Thanks for a Great Magazine! – Jim Schneider, Wisconsin

Your magazine is a labor of love I know...but the quality you put into each issue shares a level of class that is absolutely remarkable. – Drew Lobenstein, California

I love your magazine and look forward to reading it. Great job!!Roger Gravel, Connecticut

All the best & many more years of creating a truly wonderful magazine. - Robert Stahl, Texas

Outstanding book! Ultra Professional! - Curtis Wong, Indiana

You sure are doing a great job with Purebred Pigeon.  It is without a doubt the highest quality and best pigeon magazine – I think – ever published. - Mike Boyd, Canada

I find the magazine super informative and covers every aspect of the pigeon hobby very well. Thank you folks for the hard work. – Bela Kiss, Massachusetts

Thank you for your wonderful magazine. Always looking forward for the next issue. – Bernard Kocaj, Michigan

You're the best thing to hit the pigeon fancy in years. Your magazine is great. Not the typical ho hum pigeon news, but the leader in pigeon news from the world wide. Thanks for the great magazine and pigeon news. –   Roger Hansen, Washington

Enclosed is my check...I am already a subscriber but I'm ordering this for friends to interest them in subscribing as well. I am also the secretary/treasurer of the American Dragoon Club and wish to thank you for the splendid job you did with our club's advertisement. – Patrick Wesley, Minnesota

You're doing a great job of covering many intereresting topics with a QUALITY magazine!! I look forward every two months to the Purebred Pigeon! Keep up the great work! – Steve Yonke, Wisconsin

Sensational magazine. – Ricky Maslen, Australia.

On behalf of the American Dove Association, I want to thank you very much for the outstanding job you did on the July/August issue, featuring doves. It was a great job and we appreciate everything you did to make it work.We could not have ask for any better job than you did. Thanks again for a job well done. –
George Schutt – President, American Dove Assocation

Thanks again for your dedicated work to present a first rate magazine devoted to pigeons worldwide. – Richard Okeson, Minnesota

I just received my issue of the OGO issue and would like to express my thanks for a wonderful design for my ad and a great issue for the OGO. – James Lavergne, Louisiana

I think this is the best pigeon magazine ever. You guys are doing an awesome job. – Brian Miyashiro, Hawaii

In 60 years of pigeons, I've gotten more calls and sold more birds with Purebred Pigeon than with any other magazine I have advertised in. – Dean Rupp, Kansas

You have published the best illustrated glossy pigeon magazine. It is a pleasure receiving the magazine. — Francis Ray Sanchez, Missouri

I wanted to write to tell you how very pleased I was with the Fantail issue (January/February 2006) and how well I felt my ad turned out. It certainly showed that you put a great deal of both effort and thought into it. — Fred Thoelke, North Dakota

I would like to let you know that the ad I placed worked well! Very well! I sold all of the birds to the first person who emailed me. They went out the door last Monday. – John Navant, Colorado

Just a note to say that because of the ad we have placed in your magazine, our club has received numerous inquiries and six new members.  – Stan Hullender, Central California Pigeon Club

I love what you are doing for the pigeon hobby. Kyle Christensen, Utah

Just received my latest issue. Again I must say thank you. The articles, and color pictures are truly an inspiration, and much needed for our hobby to continue. I believe you are the light at end of the tunnel! ... I do enjoy the overseas articles, and pictures. I also will be taking my issue to our local club meeting this next week. Asking them to support you. My best RegardsJim Brown, Washington

I got my copy of your Purebred Pigeon magazine today. The two Tippler articles are great, you folks did a wonderful job on the photos, thanks. I’ll be sending in our next article soon. Yours in the sportDave Fuller, Louisiana

"The first issue of Purebred Pigeon was a work of art. I appreciate the quality and substance you have put into your magazine." — Donovan L. White

I really enjoy and I am very impressed with your magazine the Purebred Pigeon. Just wanted to let you know that the Purebred Poultry Fancy sure needs similar publication. I thought I would mention this to you incase you ever decide to expand into other areas. Thanks. Tom Gilliland, Texas

In my 45 years as a pigeon fancier and book collector, I have no hesitation in saying that Purebred Pigeon is the finest all pigeon magazine ever coming from the USA. — Glenn Brosowksi, Ontario, Canada

May I say the 3rd edition is outstanding, I was extremely impressed in how well the pictures in my article came out as well as all the other pictures. I will say it again it’s the best pigeon publication I have seen. Best Regards Michael Spadoni, Australia

Loved especially the Archangels and the Cumulet article. RegardsDrew Lobenstein, California

Excellent, keep up the quality. — Owen Kalland, California

Well, I just finished reading my Premier Issue of Purebred Pigeon, and I gotta say....”I like!” Very well done! ... I also learned something from your magazine that I didn’t know before.....I’m smitten with American Flying Tumblers! Thank you very much for your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated! — Ken "Almondated!" Davis, California

You are doing a tremendous job with the magazine. I especially like the stories and reports from Germany, England and Australia. Keep up the good work. William Tennyson, New York

It is informative, well written and every page is in full color, truly a quality magazine.
Bill Davis, New York (from the National Russian Tumbler Club Newsletter)

A very sincere thank you to everyone who has taken time to write or call!



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